Re: NM do not see any network

On 12/6/06, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
The Ubuntu maintainers probably need to start an Ubuntu-specific FAQ for
problems users encounter.  There are enough Ubuntu-specific hacks and
oddities (probably given that it's not actually in Ubuntu itself) that
these questions keep coming up, and it takes a lot of time to answer
them.  Why are there so many issues relating to Ubuntu, and not to
Fedora or SUSE?  Is it just better integrated on Fedora and SUSE?

From following this list and as an Ubuntu user I can agree that it
does seem like there are more issues with Ubuntu than with other
distro's.   However there really aren't that many patches added and
for most users it seems to be fine.

I wonder if we are seeing more issues with Ubuntu because it's usage
seems to be increasing or maybe something went awry with the upgrade
from 6.06 to 6.10?

I'll check out launchpad tonight and see what bugs are filed and also
look at what patches have been applied to the package and see if I can
correlate any of them to the recent problems people have reported.

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