Re: Problem with ubuntu 6.0 and networkmanager gnome

On Fri, 2006-12-08 at 01:57 +0100, Fernando wrote:
> Till now it me was working without problems but today it does not
> connect me to my wireless network, well, it is for wpa, detects the
> network to me asks me for the key of access to the network and remains
> " waiting for password of network for the wireless network " I Have
> unistall and turned to installing, checked the file interfaces and
> only I have it activates "lo" since before If I deactivate wpa works
> ok without protection.

Is your gnome-keyring (System->Administration->Gnome Keyring)
accessible?  Perhaps the keyring got messed up.  Try deleting the
wireless key for that AP and letting NetworkManager re-prompt you to
save it.


-Jim P.  

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