Re: [PATCH] Backend for Gentoo Linux with baselayout-1.12

On Sun, 2006-08-06 at 21:53 -0500, Steev Klimaszewski wrote:
> Dan Williams wrote:
> > If it's working for you, feel free to update HEAD with the Gentoo
> > backend patch and close the bug.
> > 
> > For STABLE, we've got a dilemma.  Does Gentoo ship NM in a stable
> > version?  If so, we probably shouldn't bump 0.6x.  If they don't, and
> > it's not working in whatever release Gentoo has right now, then maybe we
> > should.  People who work with Gentoo would certainly be in a better
> > place to answer that question than I.
> > 
> Gentoo doesn't actually ship NM at all - it is in the Gentopia overlay
> (would be considered Unstable or ~arch) I do apply patches, and I will
> hopefully get a chance to look at this patch this week, but I don't know
> as I found out we are losing one of our primary linux developers at
> work, so I don't know how busy I will be - as it stands right now,
> NetworkManager does work with Gentoo, but it doesn't read from any
> configs at all.  It simply does DHCP.  So this patch will be very nice
> to have - as for releasing a bump, I would say no, if it is applied in
> HEAD, I can apply the patch in the ebuild and go from there.  Just need
> to get some testing done with it (not to mention that I don't use a
> /etc/conf.d/net file at all personally)

Ok, lets see how the testing goes.  If no problems turn up, lets apply
the patch to HEAD at least.


> Hope that helps.
> -- Steev

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