Re: how to rescan and wrong icon

On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 22:06 -0500, Brian Millett wrote:
> I'm using NetworkManager-0.5.1-2 on a rawhide laptop.  
> 1) I've noticed that when I boot with the eth0 plugged in, the icon is
> one of no connection, but there is.  How to fix that?
> 2) Also, when I unplug the eth0, I get a scan of available wireless
> networks.  But if I leave the area and get new access points, it doesn't
> rescan.  How to I get it to rescan?

Scanning is based on two things:

1) how long your card takes to scan
2) how often you are checking the menu

For normal cards (ie, non a/b/g cards), scanning happens in 15s
intervals right after boot.  It then backs down to 20 seconds for a bit,
and then to 2 minutes.  If you click the menu looking for new access
points, the scan interval is brought back to 20s and a scan is triggered

There's really no reason to scan more frequently than 2 minutes or so if
you haven't looked to see what access points there are for a bit.  Call
it User Driven Design, or whatever :)

Also remember that scanning doesn't happen immediately, since all we can
do is _trigger_ a scan, then get the results 2 - 10s later.  So there is
some amount of lag.

And due to the peculiarities of wireless networks, not every access
point shows up in every scan, which is why the access point list is a
composite of the last 4 minutes of scans.  So it might take 2 or 3 scans
to find your particular access point.


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