Re: OpenVPN Questions

David Zeuthen wrote:

> On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 18:50 +0100, Tim Niemueller wrote:
>> David Zeuthen wrote:
>> > I haven't looked at your code but I sounds like you are advocating
>> > configuration files in e.g. /etc or ~/.local/etc (I could be wrong
>> > though) and I think this is not something we want. Think of the
>> > benefits of using gconf here.
>> No, this was about the import feature of NM so that administrators can
>> give their users just a config file they can import so that the user
>> does not have to write directions like "fill abc in field x". So the
>> question is if we want to be able to import the openvpn config the admin
>> distributes right now (which could also be used by openvpn) or if we
>> want to import a ini style file (like PCF files but with different
>> entries, which would be close to OpenVPN terminology).
>> All settings are saved in gconf. Passwords will be saved in
>> gnome-keyring.

Will this work for kde users?

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