OpenVPN Questions

So, I'm trying to use the OpenVPN support and need to figure a few things out first :)

1) How do I debug?  I can't seem to find any logs to use.
2) Just to make sure I have things set up correct, I got the following files from my IT guys:
 * ca.crt
 * skadz.conf
 * skadz.crt
 * skadz.key
So, I think they would match up with the configuration like this:

CA File: ca.crt
Certificate: skadz.crt
Key: skadz.key


3) When the password dialog pops up, it asks for both a password and a group password.  I don't seem to have a group password, do I need one?

I think those are the questiosn for now, probably will have more as I go here.


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