Re: How to remove menu items (where has /usr/share/nautilus/ui gone) ?


On 12 June 2012 14:48, garethl <garethl hmgcc gsi gov uk> wrote:
>> you don't - that's what I've been trying to tell you. the UI
>> definition file is *code*; its contents and structure are part of the
>> Nautilus code base as much as the C files. changing the contents of
>> the UI definition without corresponding changes inside the C source
>> code is the equivalent of poking at random bytes in the binary file.
> Thanks you for your reply Emmanuele.
> I completely "get" what you're saying - that this method was likely to
> result in a catastrophe, and should never, ever, ever be contemplated.
> However, what I would like confirmed is that this method, which definitely
> used to be *possible* (because I have seen it with my own eyes), is now *not
> possible*.

yes, it's not possible because now (in the interest of relocatability
of the application, and to improve the startup time) the UI
description file is "compiled" inside the binary itself; the UI
description file is only available in the Git repository, and every
change requires recompiling Nautilus.

given that editing the UI file once installed was never a supported
action for the reasons I pointed out in this thread, this is not a
break in functionality.

what you want to achieve cannot be done with the current, or any
future, version of Nautilus; the only way to do it is to actually
modify Nautilus so that it can do what you want.



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