Re: How to remove menu items (where has /usr/share/nautilus/ui gone) ?

On 12/06/2012 10:43, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

On 12 June 2012 10:17, garethl<garethl hmgcc gsi gov uk>  wrote:

In which case, do you have any suggestions on how to remove menu items
(without rebuilding Nautilus), please?

you don't - that's what I've been trying to tell you. the UI
definition file is *code*; its contents and structure are part of the
Nautilus code base as much as the C files. changing the contents of
the UI definition without corresponding changes inside the C source
code is the equivalent of poking at random bytes in the binary file.

Thanks you for your reply Emmanuele.

I completely "get" what you're saying - that this method was likely to result in a catastrophe, and should never, ever, ever be contemplated. However, what I would like confirmed is that this method, which definitely used to be *possible* (because I have seen it with my own eyes), is now *not possible*.

if you want to remove menu items you have two options: introduce a

So you mean some setting which would be available at runtime, and has some (new) corresponding source code who's behavior depends on the value of the setting? If so, then this would have the advantage of being a "configurable" solution, but still needs me to rebuild Nautilus, in the first instance. Thanks for the idea though.

lockdown - there is GSoC intern working on a new lockdown editor for
Gnome 3, and reducing the capabilities of Nautilus for kiosk-like
setups is definitely in the scope of that:

Sounds interesting. However, it does not appear to be an existing solution, so will probably come too late to solve my current need.

oh, and by the way, could you please strip (or ask you sysadmins to
strip) the ridiculous disclaimer at the bottom of your email? it's
legally void, and this is a public mailing list. thanks!

Sadly, no. I feel your pain, but there's nothing I can personally do about that any time soon. I will, however, make it a top priority to try and get it removed ASAP.


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