Re: [patch] confirm before sending to trash

On 30 Mar 2011, at 20:37, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> On Wed, 2011-03-30 at 18:58 +0200, Holger Berndt wrote:
>> Does that mean that the delete key doesn't move to trash anymore?
>> And that Shift+Delete moves to trash? Personally, I wouldn't like
>> that. Years of muscle memory from my current setup and Windows taught
>> me that Delete = Move to trash; and Shift+Delte = Delete without trash.
> Yeah. Thats what it would mean. Its hard to please everyone, and people
> with years on osx will have ctrl-delete as muscle memory...

Well, to be pedantic, OS X users will have Cmd+Backspace as muscle memory, which is such a different "shape" from Ctrl+Del (at least on my UK/IE keyboards) that muscle memory is possibly less of an issue. Certainly in my case, just having to use a different modifier key on OS X pretty much switches my brain over to using a whole different set of learned shortcuts, and the only time I ever get momentarily confused is when I'm running GIMP or Inkscape on OS X :)


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