RE: [Nautilus-list] Nice feature to implement in future releases


A I can understand, a patent holder can blame potential patent infringer in case of financial advantage from using it.

As far as we’re writing open source software and don’t selling it and having no advantages from patent using, a legal relevance of claim is doubtful!

Only Linux distributors which sells medias and so indirectly has financial advantages falls under amenability towards a patent holder.

I think it’s better to get some consultation of jurist from organization such as FSF. Or just contact with Gnome or Debian legal department.





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I really cannot understand what you are saying. You are stating that what i'm saying is naive and far from reality, right? Let's take a look.

Giacomo Bordiga:
> Before implementing it someone should really read the patent and search for other patents maybe covering other cases.

Is this advice too weak? Because there is already a patent maybe covering the feature should i just give up coding it?

Giacomo Bordiga:
>You do not have to be a lawyer to check if a feature is covered by patents.

Only lawyers can state if a feature is covered by a patent or not? If us, mortals, cannot state that, how can someone code anything if he cannot say if it's patented or not?

Even if i'm not a lawyer (and not i've not taken any law lessons, i'm an engineer) i'm not inexperienced about patents and intellectual property (however not in the software field).

Please, prove me wrong and we all will learn something new.

Giacomo Bordiga


> And remember that lawyers, half of the times, are wrong.
In a trial there is only one winner. However this was mostly ironic.

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