Re: Audio/Video file preview using gstreamer

2007/9/27, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com>:

However it doesnt help us integrate tags/emblems/tracker and xesam because to share the data we must either

*oops* I meant to say "doesnt help us integrate tags/emblems, tracker/xesam and nautilus" ....

1) wait for xesam2
2) have some form of fallback case that tracker merges in
3) nautilus parses $HOME/.local/share/tracker/data

and I guess 4) would be "nautilus uses xesam for its search needs, and uses tracker only apis for tags/emblems"

(3) isnt really a solution, it just shifts the internall-metadata-format problem to tracker away from nautilus
I dont see (1) or (2) being ready this cycle

(4) And 4 is neither here-nor-there

Well, it  is hard to tell whether we will have the metadata/tags part of xesam ready for 2.22. I expect the second iteration to be quite a lot shorter than the first because most of the hard work has been done in the first (ontology, query lang), and because it is actually much  smaller in scope, given that the ontology is in place.


PS: - and binding the metadata/tags part in xesam-glib is pretty far from rocket science.

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