Re: Audio/Video file preview using gstreamer

not an issue - tracker stores user defined metadata separately from
indexed ones

expendable indexes and metadata are stored in $HOME/.cache/tracker

user defined metadata is stored in $HOME/.local/share/tracker/data

the sqlite db is totally safe for storing tags as fsync is used in
combination with sqlite's journaling (which is on top of any FS
journaling) means that corruption is not a practical concern.

I dont disagree with any of your points regarding the data integrity of storing tags.

However it doesnt help us integrate tags/emblems/tracker and xesam because to share the data we must either
1) wait for xesam2
2) have some form of fallback case that tracker merges in
3) nautilus parses $HOME/.local/share/tracker/data

(3) isnt really a solution, it just shifts the internall-metadata-format problem to tracker away from nautilus
I dont see (1) or (2) being ready this cycle


Am I missing something? Its just that Tomboy will likely add tagging support this cycle, and it would be a shame to add a third tagging system to the GNOME desktop because we cant solve 1,2 or 3 (or I am missing a 4th option)



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