Re: Nautilus CD Burning

Le samedi 15 avril 2006 à 12:00 +0200, Peter Chabada a écrit :
> Benjamin Sher píše v Pi 14. 04. 2006 v 13:22 -0400:
> > I am sorry to disagree. The ///burn location looks like a protocol.
> > There is no way in the world to guess that you are supposed to place
> > the files from My Computer BELOW this in the empty, blank space that
> > could mean everything and nothing. Why cause your users to agonize
> > over something that a simple arrow and/or explanatory text can easily
> > prevent. After all, isn't Nautilus CD Burning meant for the ordinary
> > user? I'll bet even more experienced users will be baffled by the
> > present situation. I have never seen a program that is so simple made
> > so agonizingly complicated to the point of madness.
> I think Nautilus Burner is very simple but its approach is not common
> and users don't expect burning that way. I personally prefer "standard"
> applications like Gnomebaker but that applications are not so intuitive
> for newbies. For newbies is Nautilus Burner better but there should be
> some hints how to burn.
> To make Nautilus Burner more intuitive I suggest put in places sidebar
> Burn location so users will be able drag and drop files on it in single
> window (I can do that on my own but newbie not). And when user goes into
> this location when is empty, there should be text (in icon view) like
> "To add files and folders for burning drag and drop them to that window
> or to Burn location in places sidebar." And maybe to not have lots of
> specialized locations in sidebar it could be burner device itself (if
> there is inserted blank or no CD). Think about what would be better.
> Screenshot at
> -- 
> Peter Chabada
It's also possible, when using as sidebar the tree view, to drag files
to the "new CD" directory in that sidebar.
In fact, the "///burn" behaves like an ordinary directory. You can paste
files in it, remove files from it. I consider that as quite intuitive.


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