Re: Nautilus CD Burning

Patrick Jacquot wrote:
Le samedi 15 avril 2006 à 12:00 +0200, Peter Chabada a écrit :
Benjamin Sher píše v Pi 14. 04. 2006 v 13:22 -0400:
I am sorry to disagree. The ///burn location looks like a protocol.
There is no way in the world to guess that you are supposed to place
the files from My Computer BELOW this in the empty, blank space that
could mean everything and nothing. Why cause your users to agonize
over something that a simple arrow and/or explanatory text can easily
prevent. After all, isn't Nautilus CD Burning meant for the ordinary
user? I'll bet even more experienced users will be baffled by the
present situation. I have never seen a program that is so simple made
so agonizingly complicated to the point of madness.
I think Nautilus Burner is very simple but its approach is not common
and users don't expect burning that way. I personally prefer "standard"
applications like Gnomebaker but that applications are not so intuitive
for newbies. For newbies is Nautilus Burner better but there should be
some hints how to burn.

To make Nautilus Burner more intuitive I suggest put in places sidebar
Burn location so users will be able drag and drop files on it in single
window (I can do that on my own but newbie not). And when user goes into
this location when is empty, there should be text (in icon view) like
"To add files and folders for burning drag and drop them to that window
or to Burn location in places sidebar." And maybe to not have lots of
specialized locations in sidebar it could be burner device itself (if
there is inserted blank or no CD). Think about what would be better.

Screenshot at

Peter Chabada

It's also possible, when using as sidebar the tree view, to drag files
to the "new CD" directory in that sidebar.
In fact, the "///burn" behaves like an ordinary directory. You can paste
files in it, remove files from it. I consider that as quite intuitive.


Dear Patrick:

Never in my ten years with Windows and Linux have I ever seen "///burn" on a command line or anywhere else. It's like suddently coming across a Martian in the supermarket. Please try to see it from the point of view of the USER who has no idea what ///burn means and not from the point of view of the author, who naturally will already know what it means and what its function is. And, I might add, the entire interface and most of the menus and organization and toolbars of this simple Nautilus CD Burning program should be SCRAPPED, thrown in the dustheap and a new, truly intuitive, simple and LOGICALLY organized interface should replace it. I know this may ruffle a few feathers. But I have seen programs a hundred times more complex that are easier to navigate and to use because they were built from the ground up with the user, not the engineer or programmer, in mind. If you really care about your user, start from scratch and make this simple program truly simple and helpful to your users.


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