Nautilus CD Burning

Joachim Noreiko wrote:
As I said, this is so simple a 2 year old child
could do it, yet 
seems to stump grown-up. 

That's so often the case... ;)

It's the step between
the first screenshot 
and the second that has me completely baffled (if
not downright 
batty). How do I copy all the files to ///burn,
when ///burn changes 
to something else. 

What do you mean by that? Changes to what?

Could you please guide me step
by step, using my 
screenshots as to what to expect and how to do

Have you tried looking at the GNOME user guide?
If you did, and that was not helpful, could you point
out the parts of it that were unclear or unhelpful, so
I can try to improve it?

It looks like you dropped the files in the
location bar (where "burn://"
is written) instead of dropping them in the big
white rectangle
That's worth noting if that's the case - maybe the
drop target needs to be
made even clearer. Maybe a "Drop files here"
background or something.

I think that would be overkill.
The burn:/// is basically a magic folder.
You put things into the burn folder, and then you burn
the CD or DVD. 
The thing already looks like a folder, so we really
don't need to say 'put stuff here'.
And in the default spatial view, there's no location
bar anyway.


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Dear Joachim:

I am sorry to disagree. The ///burn location looks like a protocol. There is no way in the world to guess that you are supposed to place the files from My Computer BELOW this in the empty, blank space that could mean everything and nothing. Why cause your users to agonize over something that a simple arrow and/or explanatory text can easily prevent. After all, isn't Nautilus CD Burning meant for the ordinary user? I'll bet even more experienced users will be baffled by the present situation. I have never seen a program that is so simple made so agonizingly complicated to the point of madness.


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