Re: Making metadata storage SQL-driven

Rodrigo Moya wrote:

My intent is not to cheat Mysql here - I can assure you of that. It certainly wont decrease their sales and in fact if Gnome used it it would probably increase both their profile and sales. If it was harmful in any way to them then I would accept your point. IANAL so yeah there may be issues here I do not understand.

well, as I said in a previous mail, gnome-db, along with other projects
(which right now I don't remember, but IIRC PHP was one of them) asked
MySQL to allow us to use their GPL libs in our LGPL ones when they
changed the license. I also think, as the other projects' maintainers,
that this was good for MySQL. We even "menaced" to just drop MySQL
support entirely, but got no answer at all.

So, it seems they just don't care whether this is good or bad for them,
they just ignored those projects.

Thats not the case according to these pages:

They openly support all open source even those that are not GPL compliant so you should have no legal problems distributing a mysql provider with libgda under LGPL (with a few restrictions). They have used this exception for PHP too.

If thats still not satisfactory then IPC is a way out of GPL entanglements too (the FSF's views on GPL and IPC are speculative interpretation only as the GPL license doesn't mention anything at all regarding communication over IPC). From what I have read, the overwhelming consensus is that GPL does not extend across IPC so Dbus, Corba et al are *generally* considered safe to use as workarounds.

Gnome-VFS-Daemon was made GPL because of Samba yet libgnome-vfs remains LGPL so Gnome already uses such GPL/IPC workarounds!

> So, unfortunately, I wouldn't believe in MySQL realising GNOME using
> their lib that way is going to be good for them :(

Well, tough to them!

I assert (as a layman) that the LGPL client part of DDS, even with the more stringent interpretation of the FSF will not violate the GPL at all as it will only implement a subset of mysql's API over IPC so Mysql cant stop me legally and if what they say in the above pages about encouraging OSS to use its products is true then I cant see how they can be unhappy with what I intend doing. At the end of the day what im doing here is termed "fair use" and many OSS projects have done likewise in good faith so I will be on high moral ground too :)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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