Re: Making metadata storage SQL-driven

I honestly, fully, 100% agree with you.

Just my USD .02.

El jue, 01-09-2005 a las 12:56 +0200, Alexander Larsson escribió:

> I don't understand why a SQL server would be any slower than read() and
> write(). I mean, it would still end up doing read/write calls. It seems
> to me that all it does is highly complicating a simple key/value system.
> And furthermore, doing i/o synchronously is definitely a no-no since not
> doing that is at the core of the nautilus design.
> I'm not saying the current system is great, but I don't see using an SQL
> database as a better solution than just fixing stuff to be better.
> Databases tend to have all sorts of complications like on-disk format
> changes, complexity of installation, opaque file-formats, locking issue
> with shared homedirs, fragility (if some part goes bad the whole db can
> be corrupt), etc. Furthermore, we wouldn't have much use for most of the
> features you get from an SQL database. 
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