Re: Making metadata storage SQL-driven

John (J5) Palmieri wrote:

with a dbus wrapper around it the license becomes irrelevant. The dbus server end of DDS will be GPL but the client end libDDS will be LGPL. IPC is a great way to eliminate GPL dependencies!

That is a runaround the GPL.  Not something I would like to see GNOME
set precedence on.

The purpose of the Dbus wrapper is not to act as a run around the GPL. The dbus wrapper is their to create a per session database thats fast and efficient memory wise (by using threads and threadpools). The fact that it also allows us to bypass restrictive licenses in this instance is a bonus :)

That said, DDS does not have to be part of Gnome. GConf may always default to a text file backend (IE lowest common denominator that works on all systems whether its NFS or a platform that does not support threads) and likwise a metadata server for Nautilus may well use text files by default for similiar reasons. However thanks to Dbus, DDS can reimplement any of these interfaces and so give the user or distro a choice of whether to use the text-based default or a faster DB based one.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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