Re: [PATCH] gnome-vfs: Don't monitor read-only filesystems

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 02:38, George Farris wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 06:54, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> > Fixing this issue does not involve changing fam. It involves fixing the
> > applications that break unmounting by keeping monitors on directories
> > that are not actively used.
> > 
> > I do *not* think its a good thing they people can't eject their cdroms.
> > However, we need to actually fix the problem, not just blame the nearest
> > app.
> > 
> Yes I realize that fixing this issue involves fixing other apps but it
> certainly would be nice, in fam, to turn off the monitoring of certain
> filesystems until the other apps get fixed. 
> I suppose the problem with this would be; the apps would never get
> fixed.  None of this however helps the poor newbies and people
> experimenting with Linux.
> How do we help them in the interim?

I think the best (and easiest) solution is more transparency. Inform the
user which applications block a mount-point (a simple "lsof" frontend).
Like in the fake screenshot below. ;-)

I think applications are not so much a problem - as long as the user can
close them. Thats why nautilus is more problematic. Gnome-Applets are
also a pain.

Nautilus should only monitor things which are obviously connected to
open windows etc. When all nautilus-windows are closed, nothing (except
the desktop directory should be monitored). For instance monitoring
history items is causing a lot of trouble (As someone already pointed


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