Re: [PATCH] gnome-vfs: Don't monitor read-only filesystems

> > No, killing fam was enough.. Fam was maintaining an open fd on the cdrom
> > drive. Killing it allows unmounting the drive.
> Killing fam was enough? Thats like saying "its not an app fault, killing
> the kernel was enough to fix it". Fam does work on behalf of its
> clients, if one of the clients asks fam to monitor a directory it will
> do that, until the app says not to or the app dies. That fam monitors
> the directory is *not* the fault of fam, but of the app. Killing fam
> breaks monitoring for all apps that are currently connected to it.
> Killing just the app that monitors the thing blocking unmount fixes the
> unmount problem.

I think you are right on this issue, but, can't FAM be fixed so upon
unmount it releases the monitors on files on the to-be-unmounted volume,
then notifiying the apps those files are no longer available?  I know
it's like a chicken-and-egg problem, but surely mount can communicate
with FAM and solve this issue, or FAM can use non-blocking monitors or
some thing.  I'm sure someone on this list will think of a way and
contact the appropriate people (I have no idea, I'd have done it

> > Anyway, my tests were based on 2.4 stuff, I need to try it again with
> > 2.6.
> I know we (rh) had to patch out some of the recent-files monitoring due
> to it being egg stuff and not everyone updating to the latest.
> > > > And I haven't yet tested with removable drives (usb storage, memory
> > > > sticks) which have similar issues.
> > > 
> > > Yes, and as I said above, this patch will *not* work for them. The only
> > > solution is to fix the damn apps that locks up the drives.
> > 
> > Ok.. Then we'll have to fix nautilus, since I had these kind of problem
> > with nautilus 2.4 (not tested with 2.6 yet) :)))
> There *was* an actual fam problem that made it lose track of monitors
> which caused unmount blocking that *required* you to kill fam (killing
> all clients wasn't enough). However, I fixed that bug, and I don't think
> there are more of them.
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