Re: [PATCH] gnome-vfs: Don't monitor read-only filesystems

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 11:10, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> Le mer 07/04/2004 à 10:55, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
> > On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 11:41, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> > > I was just wondering what was the status of this patch ?
> > > 
> > > It doesn't seem to have been pushed in 2.6.
> > 
> > No, but similar code is already in Nautilus [see
> > nautilus-monitor.c:monitor_add_internal()]. I'm not sure putting it in
> > gnome-vfs for all monitor uses is a good idea. It imposes a quite heavy
> > performance hit (stat per monitor + need to connect to the daemon for
> > the volume monitor) for things that rarely need this. And it doesn't
> > even really "solve" anything. If an app leaves monitors around it'll
> > still mean you can't unmount the volume, and this needs fixing anyway.
> Well, it is still a problem because of monitoring on recent-files :
> -try to run an audio file from a CDROM with totem
> -the file will be added to recent-files and will be monitored.
> -therefore, you won't be able to eject the CD, unless fam is killed..

Until the broken app that used the broken recent-files is killed you

> This is why the nautilus stuff isn't sufficient..

Which means that recent-files is broken, and this is exactly the reason 
why the monitoring in recent-files was removed.

> And I haven't yet tested with removable drives (usb storage, memory
> sticks) which have similar issues.

Yes, and as I said above, this patch will *not* work for them. The only
solution is to fix the damn apps that locks up the drives.

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