Re: Proposal for bug 73937 / symlinks in nautilus

On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 23:47, Rolf Kulemann wrote:

> The reason i prefer symlinks to work as they do in the shell is that i
> use them to symlink folders in my home dir from another hd partition
> (these include my evo folder and other personal folders,so that when i
> upgrade my distro I don't have to worry about backing up my home dir).
> dave

Thats what I think, too :)

Comments to ".desktop files and symlinks":

People say symlinks should be treated as .desktop files.
I think symlinks and .desktop files should not be mixed up. 
So a symlink should not be treated as a .desktop file until a .desktop file is defined as a symlink.
We saw in an earlier posting how symlinks can be configured via the shell (many ways).
My opinion is to present symlinks - in every program - like the shell does.
.desktop files should be treated as ...  .desktop files.

If the user "treats" symlinks as .desktop files because nautilus does, 
he will wonder about a file selection dialog which treats symlinks like the sehll does.
I think the behavior of nautilus to expand symlinks and the fact that the filesel does not
seems to be a discussion of consistency. THE solution should provide consistency.
As long as nautilus is the only "desktop" program which expands symlinks there IS a big useability/consistency problem.

If the user doesn't know about symlinks...he won't create symlinks.

If symlinks are so bad, then all symlinks should be replaced by .desktop files.

(I want nautilus not to expand symlinks if the shell doesn't expand symlinks .... PLEASE)

Rolf Kulemann

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