Re: Proposal for bug 73937 / symlinks in nautilus

On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 12:00, Rolf Kulemann wrote:

> People say symlinks should be treated as .desktop files.
> I think symlinks and .desktop files should not be mixed up. 
> So a symlink should not be treated as a .desktop file until a .desktop file is defined as a symlink.
> We saw in an earlier posting how symlinks can be configured via the shell (many ways).
> My opinion is to present symlinks - in every program - like the shell does.
> .desktop files should be treated as ...  .desktop files.

Oh please let's not treat .desktop files and symlinks the same.  I hope
to use .desktop file for saved medusa queries.  While .desktop files are
currently used to map the the real filesystem, they could evolve into a
good abstraction of all filesystem/VFS/URL resources.

I'm agnostic as to how symlinks should work, but I'm inclined to think
that a .desktop file should always be viewed from the users HOME/Desktop
perspective.  If the user wants to know about the filesystem, they can
explore from root or commandline.

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