Re: [Nautilus-list] CD Burning or "in case you get overwhelmed with copious free time"

El jue, 28-03-2002 a las 02:41, Tuomas Kuosmanen escribió:
> On to, 2002-03-28 at 02:33, Carlos Perelló Marín wrote:
>     Nope It has not this option :-(
>     It cannot duplicate CDs directly, you should copy it to your harddisk by
>     hand and then insert a blank CD and do all you have tell us here.
>     I like this kind of cd burning but I also love the option to do a CD to
>     CD copy.
> Yea, but that is a different thing. We have programs to do that already;
> xcdroast and gcombust can do cd-to-cd-r copying as far as I know, but
> you need to have a cd-rom drive and a burner as separate drives. I would
> guess it might even work with "dd if=/dev/cdrom of=- | cdrecord
> -whatever-options -you use" - havent tried though, but I dont know why
> it should not. You can at least create CD images with dd or "cat
> /dev/cdrom > foo.raw", I have done that several times. If it does work
> in practice, it is trivial to do a small desktop launcher to make a
> backup copy from a CD.

If you have only one drive those programs create a temp file where dump
the content of a CD and then ask you for an empty cd and they dump the
temp file inside it, without any manual task for the user (only change
one CD with other one). All this could be done from Nautilus also.

Other thing that MacOSX does not let you is burn mix cds (data &&
audio). It's another useful feature we should support.


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