Re: File management dialog -- UI review partially applied

On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 05:52, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> I'm too lazy:-) So only glade stuff
> - s/Arrange Items/Arrange items
>     done (and others capitalizations too)


> - Separator in the tab Files and Folders is confusing
>     removed (use different spacing)

as long as the items are clearly seperate does it look?

> - s/Activate items with a single click/Single click to activate items
>     done (and double click too) (1)

Just curious why?

> - s/Text Files/Scripts for consistancy
>     done

actually it should be s/scripts/ Text Files, i talked with the maints
about this and they thought the use of the term scripts could be
confusing considering that their are "nautilus scripts"

> - <Eimi> s/Files and Folders/Behavior for the tab label
>     mmhh done if this mean "Use 'Behavior' as notebook label and
>     'Folders and Files' as options' heading"

Not sure about this one, but i'll let the maints decide what they


> - s/Open each file or folder in a new window/Open activated item in a
> new window
>     for consistency with single/double click labels, and moved down

sounds good

> ------------------------
> Questions
> ------------------------
> Isn't "Tree View Defaults" out of place in View pane? Here we have 4
> categories, 3 related to view pane, 1 related to side pane.
> Alternatives:
>         1. move "Tree View Defaults" in Behavior pane
>         2. rename it as "Tree Pane Defaults"
>         3. remove from dialog, cause use tree pane showing files and
>            folders isn't a good choice. (best option IMO and a -1
>            option)

Unfortunately I can't think of a better place for the pref. Of course
given the current tree view, i don't think the pref should even exist.


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