File management dialog -- UI review partially applied

I'm too lazy:-) So only glade stuff

- s/Arrange Items/Arrange items
    done (and others capitalizations too)

- Separator in the tab Files and Folders is confusing
    removed (use different spacing)

- s/Activate items with a single click/Single click to activate items
    done (and double click too) (1)

- s/Text Files/Scripts for consistancy

- <Eimi> s/Files and Folders/Behavior for the tab label
    mmhh done if this mean "Use 'Behavior' as notebook label and
    'Folders and Files' as options' heading"

- Help text removal
    in "Icon captions", isn't it? Added some labels to clarify when
    captions appear. Please take a look.

- Units for file size in Preview tab are wrong, should use Kb
    done, but using KB, 'cause there are MB


- s/Open each file or folder in a new window/Open activated item in a
new window
    for consistency with single/double click labels, and moved down
-s/Show number of items/Count number of items
    well, this is what option do:-) you can choose to show in icon
    caption pane.

-s / Size / Size/Item     in Icon Captions
    from previous, for consistency

Isn't "Tree View Defaults" out of place in View pane? Here we have 4
categories, 3 related to view pane, 1 related to side pane.
        1. move "Tree View Defaults" in Behavior pane
        2. rename it as "Tree Pane Defaults"
        3. remove from dialog, cause use tree pane showing files and
           folders isn't a good choice. (best option IMO and a -1

Description: application/glade

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