nautilus glyph problem

Whenever I run nautilus, I receive the following messages:
no glyph loaded for character '/any character/'

I am running the debian package of nautilus-1.0.6.
As you might have imagined, it makes nautilus kind of useless in the way of a 
file manager.
Could someone either explain the function of glyphs or point me in the right 
direction?  I have found a lot of info but some of it is contradictory.
I am running Debian 3.0r0 with a 2.4.20+lots-o-patches kernel and XFree86 from cvs (it is a Sony VAIO R505-DSP with the i830 chipset... I need 
DRI working).
I have torn through some archives but haven't come up with a lot.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Nick Golder
"Breaking stereotypes since 1977."

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