Re: File management dialog -- UI review partially applied

Il ven, 2002-12-13 alle 01:32, Ben FrantzDale ha scritto:
> One wording question:
> Behavior/Trash/"Ask before emptying the Trash or deleting files"
> I'm not sure what this is supposed to do (honestly). What does the "or
> deleting files" mean? 

Following UI report, other trash option is unclear too.

So, what about:


[ ] Confirm before deleting items

[ ] Enable direct deleting (bypass Trash)

mmhhh they seems antithetical.... any idea?

> Some confusion:
> In the icon captions tab, it is unclear to me exactly what the options
> do. Suppose I set the three options to "size/items", "type",
> "permissions". Would that mean that as I zoom in the caption would show
> the filetype, then after zooming in further it would show the
> permissions?

At 100% zoom show:

At 150% zoom add:

At 400% zoom add too:

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