Re: [Nautilus-list] Some things I'd like to see (changed) in Nautilus

On Tue, 2001-10-23 at 03:39, Chris Heywood wrote:

    > I am trying to have a neutral approach to nautilus, it is a new 
    > so I try to learn how it works, not trying to bend it around my own
    > usage patterns. There are many ways to do a task most of the time.
    good point.  I think I could handle icons for media just appearing over
    the place if they lined up with the rest of my icons.  as there's no way
    to make your icons 'snap to grip' that the cd icons use, I don't know
    any way to do this.
    options would still be good for users coming from different
    backgrounds.  having options which would be more windows suited would
    also make adjusting easier for people coming from GMC I think.
I think devices should just line up on top right corner, from top to
bottom in a row as they appear.

That way they wouldnt be messing up with other icons. One could then
leave topright free of other icons.


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