Re: [Nautilus-list] Some things I'd like to see (changed) in Nautilus

On Sun, 2001-10-21 at 12:31, George Farris wrote:
    I also prefer this type of behavior.  I think new uses can understand it
    quicker as well.

This is a pretty classic "Are you from windows or mac?" case. It depends
what OS the "users" have had experience with earlier. It doesnt make me
confused when I insert a CD, and it appears on the desktop. Very
logical. But I understand the windows way of thinking too, it is more
device-centered where MacOS seems more document/media centered.

We shouldnt just think "I always did it this way" - this whole file
manager thing is very new to unix world anyway. Also, get a test drive
of MacOS sometime if you havent used it before, it has a lot of things
right, even when they are very different from the windows mindset.

I am trying to have a neutral approach to nautilus, it is a new thing,
so I try to learn how it works, not trying to bend it around my own
usage patterns. There are many ways to do a task most of the time.


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