Re: [Nautilus-list] trash search

> The simple solution is: 
>  - use the home directory for all directories on the same device
>    as the home directory
>  - if we can write to the top of a mount point, put trash there
>    (this does preserve the permissions/ACLs issue though)
>  - otherwise give up does seem that this is critical to some people's ability to use
Nautilus. In the long run maybe we can add another check, look on the
mountpoint for a .trash-location file or something like that which gives
the root of a directory with a list of subdirectories which are
usernames, e.g. per-user trash.

I'm starting to think multi-user systems suck :-P
> This is what I've hacked up for now, it basically involves a couple
> #if 0 in file-method.c. I'd love advice on a better solution, but I
> think scanning 5 or even 1 level deep for a writeable directory is
> simply not feasible - it is too expensive and raises too many hard
> issues, and hoses the machine too badly on first login.


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