[Nautilus-list] Nautilus search for Trash folders

Thanks to pointers from Darin, I've got Nautilus 1.0.4 compiled and running
on Solaris 2.8.  It's way cool.

One odd thing it's doing, though, is a frequent pop-up notification
window that tells me that Nautilus is searching my disks for Trash folders.
This happens as often as every ten minutes, and as infrequently as
every several hours.  It's getting pretty stale, dismissing the
pop-up window all the time <g>.

I'm in a networked corporate environment - could this be triggered
by remote machines being automounted in the background?

Is there a way to disable the notification window?  Is Nautilus
searching for Trash folders on remote machines, and should this
be disabled?  Isn't Nautilus satisfied with the one Trash folder
(~/.Trash) it knows about? <g>

Peter O'Shea

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