Re: [Nautilus-list] trash search

On 26Jul2001 12:50PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:

> The trash search slows your computer to a crawl the first time you log
> in, which just really gives people a bad first impression of Nautilus
> and the desktop.
> The simple solution is: 
>  - use the home directory for all directories on the same device
>    as the home directory
>  - if we can write to the top of a mount point, put trash there
>    (this does preserve the permissions/ACLs issue though)
>  - otherwise give up
> This is what I've hacked up for now, it basically involves a couple
> #if 0 in file-method.c. I'd love advice on a better solution, but I
> think scanning 5 or even 1 level deep for a writeable directory is
> simply not feasible - it is too expensive and raises too many hard
> issues, and hoses the machine too badly on first login.
> What are people's feelings on this?

Hi Havoc,

I agree the slow trash search may be a problem. I worry that it will
lead to a lot of untrashable volumes though. How about in addition to
the top of the mount point, the trash search would check a specially
named directory at the top of the volume if it exists and is
writable. This would be a dedicated directory that everyone's trash
folders go in, similar to the way lost+found at the top of a volume is
a place to relink files lost through filesystem damage.

In addition, we could encourage system vendors to create the "trash"
directory at the top of a volume when installing the OS or creating
new volumes.

This still is not quite as good at always finding trash as the current
trash, whcih guarantees that you can trash if you have enough
permissions to delete (at minimum you can write to the directory you
can delete from), but it should improve the odds a bit at least on
well-configured systems, but without the drastic slowdown of the full

 - Maciej

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