[Nautilus-list] Nautilus: room for improvement


I confess I prefer KDE to gnome. However, I now and again try gnome. Ximian Gnome 1.4 doesn't impressing me but it allows me to try evolution and nautilus. Unlike KDE, either Nautilus 1.0.4 &/or Gnome 1.4 locks my machine up now and again and program windows 'freezes' every now and again for no apparent reason, I guess this will be sorted one day. I sometimes wonder if this is all theme related.

Nautilus is alot better now than it was at the 1.0.2 release but there are five things I miss when comparing it to konqi:.

1. I can't look into tar.gz files (minor issue but irritating.)
2. I can't click onto a tar.gz file and extract it (very irritating).
3. When I arrive at a folder where I want to do some compiling I can't just click on a menu and get a terminal associated with this folder, so I can just type ./configure, su etc. (very irritating). 4. Split-windows. (minor issue but nice feature to have when copy and pasting from one local directory to another or from an ftp site to a local directory. 5. No feedback in gnome that when launching Nautilus that something is happening (same goes for all gnome programs). At least with KDE, konqi you get a little spinning disk on the taskbar telling you your program is firing up. (very irritating not having this).

Well thats my feedback, I will watch with interest to see how Nautilus matures.

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