Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus: room for improvement

On August 4, 2001 08:47 am, S A Jarrett-Sprague wrote:
> Hi
> 1. I can't look into tar.gz files (minor issue but irritating.)
It's worked on...
> 2. I can't click onto a tar.gz file and extract it (very irritating).
It's a one line script... Very easy to do. Look at one of the Nau scripts 
> 3. When I arrive at a folder where I want to do some compiling I can't
> just click on a menu and get a terminal associated with this folder, so
> I can just type ./configure, su etc. (very irritating).
Same as above - one small script....
> 4. Split-windows. (minor issue but nice feature to have when copy and
> pasting from  one local directory to another or from an ftp site to a
> local directory.
Yeah, that is indeed annoying.
> 5. No feedback in gnome that when launching Nautilus that something is
> happening (same goes for all gnome programs). At least with KDE, konqi
> you get a little spinning disk on the taskbar telling you your program
> is firing up. (very irritating not having this).
GNOME1.4 was supposed to have that, but it was removed at the last minute 
because of some problem with the implementation...
> Well thats my feedback, I will watch with interest to see how Nautilus
> matures.

About the freezes, well, I never had any freezes with the latest Nautilus 
from CVS, or indeed any other GNOME program... Now I'm on a different 
computer, which runs KDE2, and it freezes rather frequently... For example, 
while writing this letter, the KDE2 window manager restarted itself for no 
reason... So KDE2 got where to mature too...

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