[Nautilus-list] Re: Nautilus: room for improvement

sjarrettsprague waitrose com (2001-08-04 at 1647.54 +0100):
> 1. I can't look into tar.gz files (minor issue but irritating.)

On the works I think, or doable now via script.

for i in $*
  tar -ztf $i | gless

> 2. I can't click onto a tar.gz file and extract it (very irritating).

On the works I think, or doable now via script.

for i in $*
  tar -zxf $i

That is why Nautilus has scripts, if not done yet, you can try to do
it. Yeah, GUI purists will kick me to death, but oh, well, if it does
not look as a script, I guess nobody will notice. Script writer just
need to find tools that are GUI and script friendly, and write some
checks (above script does not check for space, ie).

> 3. When I arrive at a folder where I want to do some compiling I can't 
> just click on a menu and get a terminal associated with this folder, so 
> I can just type ./configure, su etc. (very irritating).

Doable via script:

exec terminal-you-like

You can get scripts from (the ones above are from there, or inspired

> 5. No feedback in gnome that when launching Nautilus that something is 
> happening (same goes for all gnome programs). At least with KDE, konqi 
> you get a little spinning disk on the taskbar telling you your program 
> is firing up. (very irritating not having this).

That is also in the works, the first try is named Xalf and it was
planned for 1.4 but removed just before launching (maybe in 2.0?).
Maybe someday X gives this kind of info to other apps without tricks
in libs so they are more stable (bugs were the excuse to remove xalf
just before release of last version, IIRC). For the moment you can get
it here http://www.lysator.liu.se/~astrand/projects/xalf/.


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