Re: [Muine] mockups 0.2

On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 12:32 -0800, David McCabe wrote:
> "Ruffle", "Record Playlist to disc", and "Remove unwanted songs"* are
> all playlist operations. Having a catch-all "Tools" menu seems very
> wrong to me. When was the last time you knew what you'd find in a
> "Tools" menu on Windows?
> * actually I have no idea what this last one does. Does it remove
> songs from the playlist or from the library? Such is the peril of
> having a catch-all menu, especially if it contains items that ought to
> go in other menus.

They're all entries that exist because a plugin put them there. Remove
unwanted songs is from MuineTrash and removes files from the library.

I don't think it's a good idea to scatter such menu items all over the

To all: I'm quite busy atm, so no mockups for now. But feel free to
adapt my work as you like. :-)


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