Re: [Muine] New release soon?

2006/1/19, Peter Johanson <latexer gentoo org>:
> (Ignore the above rant if you don't care). Anyways, this seems to be
> exactly what you folks were experiencing, and I've commited a fix for
> this problem. Please CVS up and test as soon as possible, and (god
> forbit) let me know if it's still not fixed.


unfortunately, the fix does not work for me. I've tested it with an
mp3 album. The first song was submitted, the next two weren't even
detected by muinscrobbler and the fourth one was ignored as started
late. From the audioscrobbler log window:

12:45 Ignored (started late) Mindset - Obituary (Frozen In Time)
12:38 Submitted Insane - Obituary (Frozen In Time)

as you can see, the two songs between Insane and Mindset (Blindsided
and Back Inside) aren't even mentioned.
Terminate Schwarzenegger

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