Re: [Muine] NEW PRELEASE: 0.8.1pre1

Jorn Baayen wrote:

Most distributions, or the major ones anyway (Ubuntu and Fedora/RedHat
tested), come with sound-juicer instead of grip these days. Sound-juicer
tags files with total tracks metadata. So it'll work out of the box

I happen to be a Ubuntu user and I had not noticed that sound-juicer actually does tagging with a "total number of tracks"-tag. Thanks for the info.. gained a little from this posting : )

Seen with the eyes of a typical user I propose another solution: What about keeping old practice and instead make it possible for the user in the UI to easily remove incomplete albums from the album list? Or is there some extraordinary reason for not including this functionality?

That's UI bloat- problems need to be tackled at their root instead of
introducing UI to work around them.
I guess it is probably just me having a bad habbit of trying the delete key on an (for some reason) unwanted album hoping that it will disappear from the album list. Instead I am forced to manually move it away from the directory structure that Muine overlooks and restart Muine. However, I do see the implications on the program changing on this.

One more question: Will there be a dialogue for changing the directory structure that Muine overlooks instead of having to mess with GConf? Not that it happens very often but it does happen. I guess this feature is required for Muine to be called mature.

Last not least, I think most people would be content with the flexible solution proposed by Peter Oliver. Good proposal! : )

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