Re: [Muine] NEW PRELEASE: 0.8.1pre1

�el kenal p�al (p�v, 23. jaanuar 2005, 14:53+0000), kirjutas
Peter Oliver:
> On Sun, 23 Jan 200	5, Peter Oliver wrote:
> > Another way to spot incomplete albums is to look at the number of the highest 
> > track.  If it's greater than the number of tracks you have for that album, 
> > you know some must be missing.  This could be used as a fall-back when the 
> > tracktotal data isn't available, rather than just dumping the album 
> > completely.  Okay, it won't know if you only have the first few tracks for a 
> > given album, but if people want to be able to drop such albums then that's 
> > when they can get busy with EasyTAG.
> ...and here's a patch to do it.
> It also lets an album through if the album tag is set but there's no track 
> number data at all.  You can't do much about an album tagged in this way, 
> but I think we have to trust that it is really an album and show it.

That's an excellent idea. I commited something inspired by this, with
the following changes:
- If we use this last track number hack thing we only mark the album is
complete if it is actually complete, not just half complete or
something- this to reduce the amount of rubbish incorrectly passing this
- We don't pass if no track number data is available- otherwise too much
rubbish would again incorrectly pass the check. Note however, that CVS
tries to graze the track number off the filename if no track number
metadata is available.



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