Re: [Muine] NEW PRELEASE: 0.8.1pre1

�el kenal p�al (laup�, 22. jaanuar 2005, 18:44-0700), kirjutas
Brian Nickel:
> Perhaps Muine should follow "/desktop/gnome/interface/toolbar_style",
> the current appearance being "both_horiz" adding, "both" for
> everything having text, "icon" for no text, and "text" for text
> without icons.

Right now I don't think this is appropiate, as it isn't quite a toolbar
at the moment. 

I've been thinking about changing to using a real toolbar widget, but it
is weird: The volume button with its popdown thing seems very out of
place, and there is no clean way to make the play song/album buttons
right aligned (which makes them easier to hit).



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