Re: GNOME Mobile release notes


I just noticed that the release notes webpage hasn't (yet) caught up
with the wiki, which is still the reference for this stuff:

Until it does, please feel free to make changes to the wiki (but know
that I will be editing ruthmessly afterwards ;)


Stormy Peters wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Thanks for putting this together. I think in the first paragraph we
> should add a sentence about why it's good to use the same desktop apps
> on mobile.
> In the list of components, it would be nice to put a phrase next to each
> one that says what it does or what it's for. With some indication of
> whether it's the standard desktop app or it's been modified for GNOME
> Mobile or if it's been developed specifically for GNOME Mobile.
> And I liked the idea of calling it the GNOME Mobile development platform
> or SDK.
> Stormy
> On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 6:37 AM, Dave Neary <bolsh gnome org
> <mailto:bolsh gnome org>> wrote:
>     Hi Esben,
>     While this discussion is certainly opening doors (and, to be honest, I'm
>     interested more because it betrays the wildly varied expectations that
>     people have of something like GNOME Mobile), it's quite off topic to the
>     subject of writing release notes for what we are actually shipping &
>     promoting now.
>     We're not shipping a complete mobile environment - this is more like the
>     GNOME Mobile SDK, a set of core components that *are* appropriate for
>     mobile environments (and which, doubtless, have their own problems we
>     should be identifying and addressing).
>     Does anyone have any input on the GNOME release notes in terms of
>     content or style? The latest version is in
> (username: davyd,
>     password: 2.22)
>     Thanks!
>     Dave.
>     Esben Stien wrote:
>     > Jim Gettys <jg laptop org <mailto:jg laptop org>> writes:
>     >
>     >> It is insane to think that "one size" will fit all with the
>     >> different screen sizes, for all values of gnome tools and
>     >> applications.
>     >
>     > Right, but with some minor tweaks, case in point, the gnome panel,
>     > should work just fine.
>     >
>     >> Some of these issues are best worked by replacement components
>     >
>     > Some are, of course, but not the panel. I also think that a gnome
>     > screen saver that works with touch screens is not a specific
>     > domain. Very soon large flat panel displays will be touch screens, so
>     > this is a general issue; it just first hit the mobile camp.
>     >
>     >> The panel is probably one of these, and for which there are
>     >> (possibly adequate, possible inadequate) alternatives.
>     >
>     > Well, I want my gnome panel. If the gnome panel can't display icons
>     > instead of text, then that is just simply a bug that needs to be
>     > fixed. If this is too hard, then the whole gnome panel is so badly
>     > written that it should be abandoned for all platforms. I don't believe
>     > that gnoeme-panel is that badly engineered, so this is simply a
>     > feature that we need.
>     >
>     >> Thankfully things are modular enough that such replacements are
>     >> possible.
>     >
>     > You want to replace gnome-panel because it can't display icons?.
>     >
>     >> before complaining about a particular component, the first question
>     >> should be: does it make sense to use want to use that component in
>     >> that context?
>     >
>     > I certainly think it does. When running a device like the neo
>     > freerunner, a normal day to day situation is displaying an app that is
>     > usable with fingers and you can launch different applications and
>     > such, but this shouldn't hide the fact that it's just an
>     > application. If you minimize this window, what you have is a desktop,
>     > the welcoming friendly gnome desktop.
>     >
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