Re: GNOME Mobile release notes

>> Are there any suggestions?
> I think you need to address the major issues that makes gnome totally
> unusable on mobile stations;).
> I'm running gnome on the neo freerunner and it's a real real pain. I
> can try to list the major deal breakers:
> We need a way to pop up a keyboard. This has to work with the panels,
> so that they move. Most of the time, there is no available keyboard on
> a mobile device.
> This also makes a huge problem with gnome screensaver. When I lock my
> phone, I cannot access it again without a keyboard. We need a signal
> to pop up the keyboard in gnome screensaver. Also, sometimes you don't
> want to lock it with a password, you just want to lock the screen, so
> that you can f.ex draw a circle or something on the screen to unlock
> it. There should also be a way to have a separate password for the
> screen saver and not the same as your login password. Maybe you want a
> simple numeric PIN to unlock it, but a real password when you start
> the device and log in.
> It's also problematic having the device in your pocket cause the
> screen turns on every time you touch it. A signal from the devices'
> buttons could turn on the screen.
> Also, there should be an option to immediately lock the screen when
> GDM starts up. This is because on a mobile device, it takes some time
> for it to boot up and you put it in your pocket. If the screen is not
> locked, you risk pressing the buttons on the GDM menu.
> Another serious issue is that it's not possible to grab a window and
> move it past the upper panel. Even if you hold down meta and drag from
> the middle of the window, you can only drag it past the lower panel,
> but not the upper. This makes using many desktop applications
> impossible.
> There should also be an option for gnome panel to only show icons
> instead of text. This is not possible for open windows, f.ex. It gets
> pretty crowded on small devices.
> All these issues should have individual bug reports, of course, but
> gnome mobile should be at the center here, cause these issues just
> makes gnome unusable on such devices, which is really sad;).

I'm sure if there was individual bugs for each of these against the
various components that they could have either a mobile tag assigned
to them and/or be dependencies of a gnome-mobile tracking bug.


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