Re: Metacity composite management && Accessibilty


I want to get back in some points presented in the discussion pointed by

I write a patch to add full screen magnification to gnome-mag using

Maybe there are use-cases that prove that a more complex composite
scheme is needed for screen magnification, but this one presented in the
patch above is very simple, so maintaim two CM isn't a mess in my point
of view.

I agree with Havoc that the magnifier CM can be out of sync with X
stuff, out of sync with GTK, out of sync with metacity, but I see one
trouble in integrate the magnifier inside the window compositor manager,
that is when Qt support AT-SPI, probably, Orca will run in KDE, so
gnome-mag will also run there (point if I'm wrong).

If CM's could be changed on the fly, this is the best solution from my
point of view. Probably the impact in perfomance would be by the out of
syncs said above, since the magnifier would not use the best resources
available, but since the magnifier compositor is not a lot of complex,
it can be changed to have a better perfomance easily without to take
care about all the composition made by others CM.

I will love to hear more about this and what is being done in metacity
regard the discussion presented in the link posted by Elijah.

Best regards,

Em Ter, 2006-10-10 às 10:57 -0600, Elijah Newren escreveu:
> On 10/10/06, Daniel Ruoso <daniel ruoso com> wrote:
> > This take us to metacity. So, what are the plans for composite
> > management in metacity? Is it some plugin system planned? How do you
> > think these two modules (colorblind support and screen magnifier) fits
> > in metacity?
> This was discussed previously; see
>  As far as the plans for composite management in metacity, I have no
> idea.  I'm hearing some stuff through the grapevine, but haven't heard
> anything from Soeren on the subject.
> Elijah

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