Metacity composite management && Accessibilty

Hi all,

(Carlos, I'm moving the discussion to metacity-devel-list as it seems to
be the right place now)
(Others, This thread started in the gnome-accessibility-list[1], so if
you want more details, please check there)

We've been discussing about accessibility software, this including
screen magnifier and colorblind accessibility. Just to summarize:

* It seems that composite management is the easiest way to apply a color
filter to a window (Please see [1] to understand how this filter would,
ideally, work).

* Composite management also seems to be the easiest way to do screen

Considering the fact that only one composite manager can run at a time,
it seems to me that both features should be implemented as plugins for
some composite manager.

Compiz or Beryl are, obviously, an option, but they require xgl (I'm not
sure if beryl does), and, also, they seem to be eye-candy-oriented and
are not default in gnome.

This take us to metacity. So, what are the plans for composite
management in metacity? Is it some plugin system planned? How do you
think these two modules (colorblind support and screen magnifier) fits
in metacity?

Thanks in advance,



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