Re: Metacity composite management && Accessibilty

Ter, 2006-10-10 �18:51 -0300, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Di�es
> I agree with Havoc that the magnifier CM can be out of sync with X
> stuff, out of sync with GTK, out of sync with metacity, but I see one
> trouble in integrate the magnifier inside the window compositor manager,
> that is when Qt support AT-SPI, probably, Orca will run in KDE, so
> gnome-mag will also run there (point if I'm wrong).

If we're on this level, maybe gnome-mag could take a step further and
become part of Xorg itself implementing something between the window
manager and the composite manager. So the composite manager receives the
window already modified by gnome-mag.

This makes some sense, as composite is being used for several things and
may become hard to interoperate with screen magnification...

but well,

this may be overreacting...


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