Re: Windows support

>> Ah, because of toggled->refresh->set_location->choose_vc
>> How about storing the last chosen vc name in vcview? Then
>> choose vc can default to that one next time. It might even
>> be worth persisting in preferences (but no gui for it).
> An implementation detail, though... You ultimately would like
> VC choice persistence to be per-location, wouldn't you ?

Ultimately, ... maybe. I was going to say yes, but I'm not so sure
anymore. File managers for instance drive me crazy when they switch
views when navigating. When I make a choice I want it to stick
until I say otherwise.

>>> - I've reproduced bug 578303 and tested proposed patches
...> On the C++ need for \n at EOF, this would hold if meld actually
> modified the file content to then have the added \n and saved it,
> but I looked at the code, and it does not seem to do that...

It's an edge case so I'm happy to see all of:
* highlighting fix patch
* newline at eof default to false (& eventually to go away)
* piotrs updated patch

BTW the newline option adds the newline before the buffer modified
flag is set in Thus the newline doesn't get written
nor the timestamp change unless the user makes some other change.


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