Windows support


I tried to run meld on windows and managed to get it to work,
we still need to patch the code (patches coming) but it's only
to fix small glitches.

Is there a page on a wiki where I can put instructions,
package versions, etc... To help open a new can of
wor^W^W^Wuser base to meld.

On a related subject, is the web site available
to edit ?

I'll have a windows laptop at my disposal for all of this week
(or what remains of it) so will try to use meld on it and fix as
many bugs as possible.

Stephen, what's your approximate ETA for the release ?

A question of absolute and utter importance has still not
been discussed, version numbering... ;-)

My vote goes to 1.6.18 - codenamed phi.

Vincent Legoll

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