Re: Windows support

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 12:46 AM, Stephen Kennedy <stevek gnome org> wrote:
>> On a related subject, is the web site available
>> to edit ?
> If you have an account I can enable you to edit it.
> On the other hand, perhaps we should just move all content
> to the gnome wiki instead? i.e.

No account, I like though, clean & simple...

>> Stephen, what's your approximate ETA for the release ?
> I just reverted the diffmap in scrollbar so if all else goes
> well, we should have a release before the weekend. All
> thats left is findbar->previous, findbar->replace all,

I would love to get rid of the dialog for "no match found"
I'd prefer something along the line of firefox search bar:
text entry become red if no match is found, and an
icon+text is shown after the buttons telling us the truth:
"Phrase not found"

Dialogs are evil !

> python2.4 testing

I've done some slight testing, a little dirdiff, small test
on all vc plugins...

> and perhaps windows testing, though I get the feeling
> that will likely require a point release as it's so new.

Yeah, we'll get tons of bugs logged, when it will run

Besides the 3 simple fixes I already sent, I got hangs in
popen that were fixed by using subprocess.Popen(), I'll
need to dig that in my big WIP patch pile & rediff against

> Looking at the changelog there have been so many tweaks
> and changes that 1.2.x won't do it - "Lucky" 1.3 it is then.


I'd add for the release:

- toggling VC filtering buttons change multiVC combobox
  back to the first VC plugin, which is counter intuitive, but
  that may be hard to fix cleanly.

- I've reproduced bug 578303 and tested proposed patches
  looks OK, highlighting diffs at EOF (particularly \n) is fixed
  by the first patch. Code looks right (I don't know the
  internals of at all)

- I'd change the default value for the "automatically provide
  \n at EOF" preference, with the same rationale as for "ignore
  change that insert or delete withespace": Default to show
  everything that changed unless asked not to. Like the

Vincent Legoll
---	(revision 1347)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@
         "edit_wrap_lines" : prefs.Value(prefs.INT, 0),
         "edit_command_type" : prefs.Value(prefs.STRING, "internal"), #internal, gnome, custom
         "edit_command_custom" : prefs.Value(prefs.STRING, "gedit"),
-        "supply_newline": prefs.Value(prefs.BOOL,1),
+        "supply_newline": prefs.Value(prefs.BOOL, False),
         "text_codecs": prefs.Value(prefs.STRING, "utf8 latin1"),
         "ignore_symlinks": prefs.Value(prefs.BOOL,0),
         "vc_console_visible": prefs.Value(prefs.BOOL, 0),

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