Re: Windows support

> Is there a page on a wiki where I can put instructions,
> package versions, etc... To help open a new can of
> wor^W^W^Wuser base to meld.
> On a related subject, is the web site available
> to edit ?

If you have an account I can enable you to edit it.
On the other hand, perhaps we should just move all content
to the gnome wiki instead? i.e.

> Stephen, what's your approximate ETA for the release ?

I just reverted the diffmap in scrollbar so if all else goes
well, we should have a release before the weekend. All thats
left is findbar->previous, findbar->replace all, python2.4
testing and perhaps windows testing, though I get the feeling
that will likely require a point release as it's so new.

> A question of absolute and utter importance has still not
> been discussed, version numbering... ;-)
> My vote goes to 1.6.18 - codenamed phi.

Looking at the changelog there have been so many tweaks
and changes that 1.2.x won't do it - "Lucky" 1.3 it is then.


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